My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...




   "Kirk asked if I would recommend Earth Park Homes to other customers - I can’t recommend them enough! Right from start to finish everyone was helpful, informative and not once did I feel like they were trying to upsell a product or service. For people like ourselves who had no idea of the process, help was timely and appreciated especially with available upgrades, carpet selection, kitchen cabinetry etc.

   What most builders considered an upgrade such as light fixtures were standard with Earth Park. A selection of brand name products all standard to the price. Even the upgrades were priced accordingly with the product. We watched the building from hole in the ground to completion and have been impressed with the quality of the workmanship from start to finish, framing, insulation, plumbing everything a person doesn’t usually get to see was done as if the contractors were doing the job for themselves. When we did our walkthrough to accept the unit nothing was out of place or skipped over, competent workmanship throughout. Enough said, a 10 out of 10 for Earth Park Homes.

P.S. I would dare anyone to compare the dollar value to any other builder."

Dan and Lois Patrick
Coventry Homeowners



   "Kirk Smith and Shannon Doell made us feel comfortable and at ease right from the start.  When first looking at the Coventry homes we felt no sales pressure.  All our questions were answered and we were treated courteously as though no one else mattered to them but us.  When the townhouse layout we wanted was not available in a single home, they spoke to the builder who agreed to make interior adjustments to an existing plan so that we could achieve the floor plan and layout we needed.  Kirk and Shannon’s expertise in this field is outstanding.

   When it came to the selling of our home Shannon and Kirk clearly laid out a process for us to follow when preparing the house for sale. Within a week of signing the sales agreement we were featured on the cover of a local real estate flyer and Shannon was holding an Open House. At this time we have another five showings booked and a second Open House has been scheduled.

   The entire process of buying a new house and selling our current home has been a pleasant experience for us thanks to Kirk Smith and Shannon Doell."

The Ayres Family
Coventry Homeowner



   "My wife, Silvia and I are quite pleased with the service we have received from Shannon and Kirk as representatives of Coventry Homes in Stratford, Ontario. They explained the features of the home we have decided to purchase and were able to arrange the upgrades we desired without problems. We are impressed with their sincere friendliness."

William and Silvia Finch
Coventry Homeowner



   "Just thinking about selling our house, was very emotional. We were nervous, lost, confused, excited. But we had no idea on where to begin. Then we met some great and friendly and professional representatives Kirk Smith and Shannon Doell. They gave us wonderful and informative direction. They made it smooth and quick transaction.

   The second stage was to find our New Coventry house. Kirk and Shannon helped pick out the perfect Lot and the perfect house that will fit our needs and life style. They helped us pick out the layout of our new Coventry home. That too, was a quick purchase. We are so excited! We can’t wait for the next stage of making it our Coventry home! We know that We are very happy and pleased with working with them."

Derek and Jodie Bauld
Coventry Homeowners



   "The first time I stepped into a Coventry Home I knew it would be the right fit for me.  While it can’t be easy to deal with excitement and nerves that a new home buyer brings to the table, Shannon made it seem effortless. I am thrilled to be joining the Coventry community, and highly recommend the experience to anyone else embarking on the journey into a new home."

Coventry Homeowner



   "Everyone that we’ve dealt with has been wonderful and have gone out of their way to take good care of us. We have been thoroughly impressed with the level of care and the workmanship that has gone into our home so far. We made a few changes to our house and they haven’t missed a thing! It has been a stress free build without an hiccups so far. Very impressed!"

Coventry Homeowner